Social Art Project~Connecting the children of the world through art~

~Social Art Project: Overview~

CORUNUM promotes artworks of children from various backgrounds through online galleries and art exhibitions. Additionally, we also work with companies to commercialize and sell their artwork abroad.
As a result of these efforts, we aim to promote diversity and various means of expression in order to create a more inclusive society. Proceeds earned will go directly to the artists.

~Social Art Project: Objective~

1. Realizing a symbiotic society through art.
・A world where you can freely express yourself and be appreciated.
・A world where you can find value in diverse expressions and appreciate them.
2. To contribute to the mental and physical development of the children

~Social Art Project: Activites~

・Holding an art molding class
・Holding art exhibitions
・Promotional activities through web / social media
・Development of original products

~Social Art Project: Workflow~

~About Event Operations~

Art Exhibition

The submitted artworks can be displayed at the special exhibitions sponsored by this organization 3 to 4 times a year.
Artworks by children around the world are submitted here. We also have special plans, so please come and join us.


With the consent of the artist and supervision of a product designer, CORUNUM will commercialize the artworks.
If we commercialize, the earnings will be returned to the artist after financial consultation.

◆Art Molding Class

Once or twice a month, our organization sponsors an art molding class. Please see the Event page for details. The dates of the art modeling class will be announced on our homepage and newsletter.

Giving Kids the Experience of "I did it!" and "Wow"!

◆Leap from the classroom!!

These drawings will be able to leave the bounds of their classrooms and will be transmitted all over the world. The submitted works will be lined up next to all the drawings from children around the world.
Not only is it a meaningful expression of diversity but also a fun and exciting experience for kids!

◆Your artwork will be published in a booklet!

Regardless of whether it is commercialized or exhibited, all the artwork will be added into a special photobook and will be available for delivery!
Knowing that their work was published in a book and that the message they expressed through their art was shared with others, will let the kids experience success, and the feeling of “I did it!”. In addition, knowing that the world recognized their work and thought “Wow!”, will lead them to develop better self-esteem.

~Promotional Activities~

◆ From discovery to admiration!

Rather than a permanent exhibit with only tens of visitors a day, we use social media to display your work to thousands of people.
Although our student organization has recently launched, we have one of the largest social media followings in the outsider art industry with over 1000 followers.
The benefit of being a student is that you will be able to attract many people.


There is no restriction on the artist’s age, disability, nationality, gender, etc.,
so please feel free to submit any number of artworks (free of charge).
Currently, various people in Japan are participating, primarily children with disabilities.
There are artists actively sending their art from abroad as well.
Please submit your artwork here.