Collaborations~Everyone x Corunum~

CORUNUM holds various events with other student groups, universities, businesses, and NPO corporations. Additionally, we consider building a network of organizations to be a crucial aspect of our work. Since February 2021, many companies, NPOs, and organizations have cooperated with us. Our circle of art and volunteer is connecting more than 3000 children around the globe, breaking the barrier of nationality, disability, gender, and disease.

Modeling Class

学生団体CORUNUM 造形教室

学生団体CORUNUM class

Thanks to Solar SSE and our Art Institute, we have recently begun to hold drawing classes. Before long, our participants grew to include all sorts of children regardless of age, nationality, disability, or illness.
In this class, children have the freedom to turn blank pieces of paper into expressions of their own worlds. In this “Art Therapy,” various art forms such as painting and modeling become a way to relieve stress.
Keeping an “as-is” attitude towards your artistic expression allows your true emotions to reveal themselves which can refresh and de-stress your mind; As mentioned, “Art Therapy” can even promote mental development.
According to the children’s wishes, we will select certain artworks to make into fine goods and share worldwide. We challenge ourselves to foster a sense of self-affirmation in the children.
Through this sort of activity, we hope to build a more cooperative, more sustainable society in which people recognize and respect each other’s individuality and strengths.

Bouldering Class

学生団体CORUNUM ボルダリング

学生団体CORUNUM ボルダリング

Thanks to Solar SSE, we’ve begun to hold bouldering classes!!
Requiring speed and strength, it might seem tough for a school gym class, but if you go at your own pace and set your own goals, bouldering is a lot of fun. For children, whose body temperature can be easily affected by the temperature or weather, bouldering indoors is a great way to get in shape and exercise easily and safely. it’s also a great core training that makes you think to move your body. It fosters self-affirmation and gives you a sense of accomplishment, and cheering on and being cheered on by friends develops socialization. We expect bouldering to have a positive effect on kids’ physical and mental development.
Our artwork project aside, we consider the opportunity to meet and interact with the kids to be extremely valuable.

Overseas Exchange

学生団体CORUNUM オンライン交流

学生団体CORUNUM Online Event

We are collaborating with students from the University of California, San Diego, and planning an online cultural exchange event.
Irrespective of age, many students who presently can’t go to school are stepping out of their classrooms and communities in order to gain firsthand experience using their foreign language skills to communicate.


学生団体CORUNUM 書道

学生団体CORUNUM Calligraphy

Since there are many ranked, award-winning calligraphers among our staff, we’re now planning a small calligraphy class for children.

Our Collaboration Partners