Group Overview

CORUNUM is a student organization that, in collaboration with handicap support groups, gathers together students from a number of high schools and universities to engage in various activities.

Our name is derived from the Latin Cor Unum, which means “One Heart.”

We have set the philosophy of our group based on three words derived from unum’s etymology: unity, unique, university. CORUNUM aims at connecting different groups, companies, universities, and NPOs.

CORUNUM strives to contribute to the building of an inclusive and sustainable society where people accept each other’s differences, demonstrate individuality, and work together (click here for member details).

If you are interested in social justice, community building, and sustainability, want to support us in our ongoing plans, or would like to join our event planning and management, please feel free to contact us through the contact form!


By collaborating with organizations, companies, universities, and NPOs to unite support groups for the handicapped & art, therapeutic education & part-time work, and more, we hope to build a more cooperative, more sustainable society in which people recognize and respect each other’s individuality and strengths.


◆ Create A Space Where Individuality Coexists

By collaborating with organizations, companies, universities, and NPOs, we will create a symbiotic society where each individual is encouraged to respect each other and use their strengths. In addition, we provide an opportunity for people to be exposed to the individuality, creativity, and originality of others.

Examples: handicapped & art, therapeutic education & part-time work, Japanese institution & foreign universities

◆ Provide An Opportunity For The Youth To Learn About Society

Today, CSR (corporate social responsibility) is important than ever. Regardless of the industries or specialties, everyone is expected to have an understanding and respect for diverse individuals.

However, in reality, we are more likely to interact with people who have similar taste and characteristics as we become an adult, narrowing our perspectives.

Thus, we promote the interaction between ‘students who are preparing to join the workforce’ and ‘workplace needing the power of the youth.’ We encourage the youth to learn about society through these interactions and contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society.

By matching the needs of workplaces and students, we aim to train capable workers who will create the future society.




Our aim to bring people together in order to achieve a sustainable future, as well as create a respectable environment where everyone feels valued. By having a diverse team of people within our group, together we can utilize each other’s strengths in order to utilize our diverse team’s individuality and strengths, we can achieve a symbiotic society.



Everyone’s individuality and diversity are very important to us at CORUNUM.
Therefore, we encourage people to utilize their unique talents in order to foster progressive growth in society. At the organizational level, CORUNUM strives to create unprecedented services & events aiming to discover & create new value and share it with society.



The word “university” derives from “uni” (one) and “versus” (change in direction).
In other words, a university is a place of community and knowledge where people gather to pursue their passions.
Similarly, CORUNUM is a place where people from different backgrounds can gather, learn and work together in a driven workplace environment. By incorporating progressive elements into our workplace culture, we’ll start and grow an enterprise that contributes to the realization of a symbiotic society.