Intern & Volunteer~Youth×Welfare~

~Business Overview~

We want a society that has social welfare services for all people, regardless of industry and major and demands an understanding towards diverse groups of people. However, in the process of education, one has many opportunities to meet others with the same feelings and characteristics as themselves, leading’s one’s field of view to narrow.
Therefore, CORUNUM provides students with opportunities for social contribution and social learning, which promotes a society where everyone can coexist. By matching business needs with students who can accomplish them, we aim to develop those who will lead the future.
Also, students who develop this vision will want to get involved with participating kids, so our organization also holds events sponsored by the students.

~Job List~

The student organization CORUNUM collaborates with various organizations and hires college students for temporary part-time work or paid internships. Students will no doubt be able to develop their careers through their experiences. It is a must-see for those who are studying educational curriculums. At the same time, we are recruiting short-term volunteers to help with events, so please also check the Event page.

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